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Engagement Party

Although some couples date for several years before one person pops the question, others get engaged very quickly because they know there’s no use delaying the inevitable. No matter which category you’re in, depend on our team at Zoli's Events & Weddings once you’re ready to celebrate your union.

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Anniversary Party

An anniversary party is an ideal way to mark a milestone. It also lets friends and family members share in the celebration. The professional party planners at Zoli's Events & Weddings are excellent resources, whether you’re celebrating a fifth anniversary or fiftieth.

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Birthday Party

Planning a birthday party? With so many party options and ideas available, use Zoli's Events & Weddings’s experienced party planners to throw the best bash!

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Henna Party

Looking for an interesting way to keep guests entertained at your next gathering ? A henna tattoo party is the perfect solution. It lets guests display artfully created designs on their skin that wear away naturally in a couple of weeks.

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Sweet Sixteen

Your 16th birthday is an event to remember. Give your birthday party a professional touch with party planning services from Zoli's Events & Weddings. We’ll help you pull together all the details for a sweet sixteen party that your friends and family will be talking about for months.

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Bachelor Party

It’s your best friend’s special night. Soon he or she will be married, and you want to send them off into that new life in style. Throw a stag party or a bachelorette fete with planning help from My Japan Direct.

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Depend On Us for Your Next Event

Once there’s a basic idea in your head for an upcoming event, you’re in a great position to contact us. Call us at Zoli's Events & Weddings and let us bring your vision to life.